Tim remembers telling his dad when he was a kid that he wished there was no such thing as music. Now he is the most instrumentally versatile of Dean and Sheila’s children, playing classical guitar. electric guitar, electric bass, upright bass, violin, mandolin (his personal favorite), viola, cello, banjo, and some harmonica, jaw harp, piano, and drums. He not only plays every instrument on stage, he also does all of the sound recording for the show and is CEO in training.

Tim’s wife Judith was no stranger to the world of performing when she married into the Dutton family. She had several years of musical training in her youth on piano and various woodwinds and brass instruments. She is the show’s premiere pianist but performs in other capacities as well. She has been named “Female Vocalist of the Year” and has a beautiful voice. Judith has contributed to the art, design, and business side of the show but currently manages theater operation and always makes sure things are running smoothly.

Tim and Judith’s children, Jessica, Rachel, and Timmy, have enjoyed being a part of the show. They have studied violin, piano, and guitar, and are also involved in schooling and other extracurricular activities. They enjoy moving with the show from Branson to Arizona and back every year.