The Duttons Reopen Theater May 16!

Missouri Governor says: LIVE EVENTS MAY RESUME

COVID-19 Safety measures are in place for the Duttons’ reopening.  Watch this video to find out more.

Press Release

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update:

Our hearts go out to everyone in Branson, our fans around the world, and especially to all individuals who have been directly affected by this health crisis. We send our love and prayers. We hope that this peak in the crisis will be short-lived. And we hope that everyone is able to weather the storm.

It goes without saying that The Duttons are temporarily not performing shows in Branson. We are scheduled to re-open in April and at this time are not announcing a change in our schedule opening date of April 2, but we are monitoring things closely and will postpone that opening if circumstances suggest that it is the wise thing to do. We want to thank the two other shows in our theater, Leroy New and Taylor Reed, for their support in temporarily postponing their shows as well.

We are encouraged this morning by reports of all the work that is being done to find innovative cures and treatments. We are also encouraged that warmer weather is right around the corner, and hope and pray that this will all pass quickly.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to our excellent theater staff at 417-332-2772 and while the shows are closed if you need a Dutton Fix please feel free to drop by our YouTube channel ( or catch our series on RFD-TV.


Dean and Sheila Dutton and Family

The Dutton Family:

Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Friends

The Duttons are international touring and recording artists who perform bluegrass to classical music and everything in between. Their show features a variety of instruments, including violin, guitar, bass, viola, banjo, mandolin, keyboard, harmonica, and drums, among others. The Duttons have garnered awards and recognition in national fiddling contests, classical violin competitions, and as studio musicians.

In addition to their instrumental virtuosity, the Duttons are accomplished singers and dancers and have been recognized as superb vocal talents. Behind the scenes, the Duttons collaborate to create unique production ideas for their crowd-pleasing show, which is produced by the family, including choreography, musical arrangement, technical support, and marketing.

Dean and Sheila Dutton were not professional musicians and they certainly weren’t planning on raising their children as such, but when they realized that music was beginning to define who they were as a family, they embraced it wholeheartedly. Since that decision to pursue a career in music was made in 1991, the Duttons as a whole have not looked back and have gone on to enjoy a successful touring career and music business. Today, they own their own theater in Branson, Missouri, where they perform over 300 shows a year. They also own the hotel, restaurant, and gift shop associated with the theater, and another theater in Mesa, Arizona, where they perform from December through April.

While the Duttons’ musical talent is immediately obvious, what sets them apart from most shows is their ability to connect with their audiences. People are fascinated by the all-in-the-family performers whose love for each other and for what they share is definitely unique. “I, for one, have never witnessed anything like this instant rapport between performers and ticket buyers – and I’ve been attending concerts for almost six decades,” said critic Mike Kerverlas of the Sumter, S.C. Item. “In short, the Duttons are showmanship personified.”

“I Absolutely Loved It!”

– Simon Cowell

The Duttons were finalists on NBC’s hit T.V. show, America’s Got Talent in 2007. Before and since then they’ve toured the world, and set up two permanent locations in Branson, Missouri (April – mid December) and Mesa, Arizona (Mid-December – April) where they entertain sold out audiences nightly.


Branson Missouri

More Than Just A Show

The Duttons are high-energy entertainers loaded with musical talent. With thirty-one years of experience, and just about as many kids between them, they rock the stage with a variety of genres. From Bluegrass to Contemporary Rock to Country, comedy and dance, essentially, they do it all.

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