Jon is a big part of any of the comedy that goes into the show. He is also the theater technical director as well as manager over several projects outside of the music business. Jon is the main banjo player, but he also sings and handles many of the electric bass, guitar, and mandolin solos and backup parts. ​Jon lays a great bass foundation for performances, but according to his brother, sometimes Jon’s greatest skill is in keeping a laid-back balance that is really good for the family dynamic and provides a stable emotional foundation.

Jonathan’s beautiful wife Bella is from the islands of Samoa and is a former dancer with the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. Her narration at the beginning of the patriotic section of the show is a must see!

Jon and Belle’s four children, Natalia, Selena, Leila, and Nathanael, all take music lessons and love to perform in the show.

Jon and Belle manage the Dutton Inn. Jon is the CFO in training, and Belle is the powerhouse behind the accounting department.