It all started with cows.  No really.  Cows.  Mom Sheila had heard from some dear friends that the kids that seemed to know how to work the hardest as adults came from families that owned farms.  The discipline of having to get up every morning and milk the cows and work hard and together as a family appeared to develop children into smart, hard-working adults.  Her husband Dean, however, was a professor of economics so the farm idea was out.  So instead of milking cows, Sheila came up with the idea of music – more specifically violins.  She introduced her children to violin lessons through the Suzuki program when they were between the ages of three and five and would get them up early every morning to practice.  As the children grew older they expanded their horizons and love of music to other instruments.  Eventually, they talked their Dad into dusting off his old guitar and taught Mom her very first bass lesson at the age of 35.  The rest, as they say, is history.