The popular, All-American Roadshow and Radio Broadcast Reproduction opens March 17, 2016.

The ALL HANDS ON DECK! Show was born of a heart filled with gratitude and patriotism. Creator and star Jody Madaras wanted to write a show that would say “Thank you” to the greatest generation – the men and women who served our country during WWII and The Korean War – and also remind Americans of a time when our country was truly united. Mr Madaras also wanted to create something to stir the hearts of all Americans, especially the upcoming generation, to unite in patriotic support of the greatest nation of all time. Madaras said, “This new 1940’s show is very special to me – I spent nearly four years writing it.” The Ohio farm boy knew he wanted to say something important. “We are reminded everyday that our country has challenges. I wanted to write about patriotic unity, what’s right about our country, and thank our veterans in a musical way. I know how much these songs mean to them, and I have discovered as we have toured across America how much they inspire audiences of all ages. I want everyone to leave our show feeling a little better and happier about our country.”

For inspiration, Madaras used the Hollywood Victory Caravan­ (a group of famous film stars who toured America by train in 1942 selling war bonds)­ as the setting for his new show. Mr. Madaras adds, “When I got the idea to do the show, one of the things I found was that no one had ever done a show based on the Caravan. It was a huge part of the war effort and no one had ever fully honored them. 1942 was one of the most pivotal years in world history paving the way for much of the prosperity we enjoy in this great country of ours. That’s our theme: being united, then and now.”

Madaras’ strong patriotism is credited in large part to his family. His grandmother June was extremely active in the American Legion Auxiliary, and his grandfather, Adolph “Duff” immigrated through Ellis Island from Hungary in 1911, and proudly served as an officer in the US Navy in WWII. In a family of great Americans lives great patriotism, reverence, gratitude, honor, and integrity. Madaras has masterfully crafted together those values into a production that takes us all on a sentimental, and truly inspirational, journey. The ALL HANDS ON DECK! Show premiered in 2011 in Perrysburg, Ohio. That opening was so successful, no doubt thanks to Mr. Madaras’ experience and stardom of 20 years on Broadway, that 2012 brought a national tour, playing to sold out houses all across the U.S.A.

Billed as “a musical message for all Americans,” The ALL HANDS ON DECK! show cast features four well-known and seasoned Broadway performers (Jody Madaras, Valerie Hill, Katy Richter, and Carter Lynch) as well as a nine-piece live orchestra.

Audiences in Branson, MO will be able to enjoy the show starting March 17, 2016 at the Dutton Family Theater. For showtimes and ticket prices please call 417-332-2772.

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