Benjamin says his mom made him take dance lessons so he wouldn’t have to take Ritalin . . . and now Ben makes his four sons take dance lessons, too! Benjamin is the lead dancer and comedian in the show, but don’t let that fool you; he is also a very skilled and versatile musician. Ben plays cello, mandolin, violin, guitar, drums, bass, and ukulele.

Ben created his alter ego and Spanish twin cousin “Julio,” who has become an important part of the Dutton show. Because of “Julio,” Ben thinks he knows what it feels like to be schizophrenic; he truly feels like a different person on stage.

Ben’s wife Brande dances with him on stage and helps with technical support, marketing, and is the mastermind behind the deliciously famous Dutton Fudge. Brande is a mainstay at the theater and there are many projects that get done thanks to her considerable efforts. Together, Brande and Ben are in charge of the Arizona theater.

They also are the proud parents of four boys: Benjamin Jr., Isaac, Christian, and Luke. All of them take piano and dance lessons. Benjamin Jr. and his cousin Timmy enjoy playing their violins while bending over backwards as a unique, crowd-pleasing part of the show.