Talent to Bless and Uplift

Sponsored by The Duttons

Located at The Dutton Theater at East Valley High School, a Golden Rule School

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to uplift and give hope to the young people sharing their talents, to the audiences attending our shows, and to the recipients of the deeds to bless.

This contest is open to all music categories and to all ages. However, our invitations will target junior high schools, high schools, and private youth music organizations to involve as many young people as possible. In the contest application the contestants will be asked to select a category that best describes them:

  1. Family Groups
  2. Bands/orchestras/ensembles
  3. Dancers
  4. Vocalists – – solos, duets, trios, and quartets
  5. Instrumentalists

However, the contest will be in the style of America’s Got Talent. Each evening’s acts will show variety. The competition will not take place in categories.

Each contestant/group will perform/compete with one number. They will be asked to supply a short video of that number six weeks before the contest begins.  After they are selected, they will be given another month to send in a story/video of their talent blessing others.

Contest runs January 15 – March 26, 2021.

  1. Each Dutton show will begin with a short theme video showing memorable acts of kindness involving musical talent — the New York opera singer singing from his balcony during COVID 19, the Duttons performing at a rest home and the man smiling for the first time in years, etc.  Then will come a talent number from each of the evening’s contestants. An introduction will give a live/video presentation of their action story to bless others through their talent.  This portion of the show will last 15 – 20 minutes.The audience will enter their votes via the Dutton voting app and select a winner from each show’s performances.  They will be asked to select their favorite, judging on entertainment value, talent, and their inspirational story of service.  (Their contact information will be collected and be utilized by The Duttons and the school.)  Every time an audience member votes they will be automatically entered into a drawing for a free vacation to Branson. (4 nights stay at the Dutton Inn, eight show tickets, and $500 for travel expenses)Each contestant will receive a free ticket(s) to sit in the audience for the rest of The Duttons show.  They will also be allowed to give out a code name representing their act to all of their family, friends, and supporters, who will then get into the shows for half price.  (The more supporters they can get to the show, the more votes they will get for their performance.)Near the end of the show the winner for the evening will be announced. They will be brought to the stage and be asked to do a second number for the audience.
  1. At the end of each week the daily winners will be presented at the last show of the week. They will perform again, and the audience will vote for the winner of the week.  The week winner will be given a certificate. They will also be invited to be on The Duttons World-wide Livestream on the upcoming Thursday, 7 PM central.
  2. The weekly winners will compete for the monthly winner title at the end of each month.
    The monthly winners get a choice of 1) recording a music demo with Chris Davis or 2) a guest appearance in a Duttons music video on YouTube.
  3. The Grand Champion will be selected from the three monthly winners. That competition will take place on Friday, March 26, 7 PM.
    The Grand Champion will receive a vacation to Branson and a taped copy of their performance on stage at The Dutton Family Theater in Branson, Missouri.

Additional introductory offer:  Organizations booking Youth to Youth performance/workshop trips to Branson through The Duttons will receive a 50% off introductory offer for their first trip.

The Duttons