Amy knew from the time she was a little girl that she wanted to pursue a career in music, no matter what. She is the show director and lead violinist. She has been voted as “Branson’s Best Violinist” multiple years in a row. In college, Amy was encouraged by her violin professor to leave the family band and pursue a career as a soloist, but Amy loves being a part of the family show and seeing how audiences respond to their message.

Amy and her husband Rudy have four boys: Gabriel, Julian, Damian, and Josiah. The older three boys all play violin and piano. They play, sing, and dance in the show and contribute in many other ways, depending on what help is needed. Josiah is in his final stretch of chemotherapy and is expected to make a full recovery from leukemia. He loves the show!

Amy’s husband, Rudy, was the lighting director for years while seeking his law degree. Now his busy law practice demands most of his time, but he always finds time to be involved with the boys’ sports teams and loves being designated the family coach.

Amy is the show’s producer, researching and arranging new songs, designing costumes and sets, handling choreography, and leading rehearsals. Along with her superb violin performances, Amy also sings and dances in the show and enjoys a turn at various other instruments on the side. She has a unique ability to convey feeling through her music, especially when she plays classical music on her violin.