All Duttons Safe After Bus Accident In Ohio

Updates available as released.

July 5, 2019, 6:28 AM, from Judith:

“Good morning everyone! It has been an eventful night. At about 1230 am en route to New Jersey for Dutton Cruise 2019,our tour bus learned a new trick and rolled over with all of us in it. Just a few scrapes, bumps and bruises to report. Thank you for all of the calls of concern. We are full of gratitude that no one was seriously injured.”

July 5, 2019, WBNS, Columbus, OH

Link to story by WBNS in Columbus, OH

July 5, 2019, 5:05 PM, from Abby:

“Many people are texting, calling and asking how all of us are doing. We are all blessed to be alive! Many of us have bruises and are pretty banged up. My brother Tim, his wife Judith and my sister Amy all had to be admitted for their injuries. Tim has a puncture wound that is pretty deep in his leg. Judith had a bad laceration on her chin. And Amy had a broken toe AND a broken nose.

My family was traveling from Branson to go on our fan cruise with a bunch of friends and family On Royal Caribbean from New Jersey up to Nova Scotia. We crashed at about 11:30 last night driving off the road on a bend that apparently has a crash every other weekend according to the first responders. It’s a very dangerous curve. We decided today that we might as well rent vans and continue on our trip. We all need to rest and recuperate anyway LOL. And our bus has to stay where it’s at in Columbus, OH for the insurance adjuster who can’t look at it for another 5 days. It is totaled… goodbye Dutton bus.

Here is my account of the accident:

I was in the upper double driver side bunk with my husband Adam when we went out of control on a turn. We got tossed around quite a bit then felt us falling and landing on the bus’ side. Adam and I felt our bunk get smaller and smaller as we finally crashed to a halt. We were completely pinned. They had to saw open that side/top of the bus to get us out. It took about 20 minutes or so. I was on top of Adam, and he was having difficulty breathing as was I. With all the bedding and mattress and wreckage we felt completely trapped and helpless. Our faces were right up to the ceiling, and my arm was pinned behind his head. It felt like it was in cement, and could not even be moved. Adams arm was pinned underneath him. But he managed to hold onto his cell phone LOL! But he could not call anybody to communicate, because we were completely stuck. People kept trying to yell at us, but they could barely hear us. Amy said she tried to tell us that everybody else was OK and alive, but we never heard that. We thought that people might be dead. I was freaking out a bit thinking that our kids might not have survived. We just kept saying prayers, and trying to breathe calmly so we wouldn’t run out of oxygen. The prayers helped us feel so much more calm. The spirit was so strong! I could not even move my head, because my hair was also totally pinned. I thought I was going to have to chop it off. They finally got us out, and we were so grateful. I immediately asked the firemen and responders if we were the last ones out and if all the others survived. When they said yes, I was overcome with emotion. I was carried up the hill from the wreckage on a chair lift. I was able to see our kids who were up on the street with everyone else and they were crying when they saw us.

We went to the hospital and got x-rays, and I got a CT scan and everything looked totally fine. So we got discharged. I have a bruise on my face from hitting the light fixture in the bus I believe, and my arms are both bruised. Orson had to get two staples in his head, and all our kids have several scratches, bruises or skinned parts on them. Both Adam and I have sore ribs and necks, but we are OK! Thank you everyone for your prayers and texts! And thank you Lord for protecting us all!

P.S. Everyone is asking about Mom and Dad Dutton. My mom got out with barely even a scratch. My dad banged up his elbow pretty good, and his shoulder is sore. He had scans done, and is fine, just bruised and battered up a bit”

July 7, 2019, 3:39 PM, from Abby:

“Update after our wreck:

First of all, my family wants to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and prayers! We cannot believe the response from family, friends and people we don’t even know!

We boarded our cruise yesterday. The kids immediately got to playing and having a great time! We all had a great night sleep which everyone desperately needed. Adam and I were quite sore this morning, but began feeling better as we got up and moved around. My mom woke up today feeling horribly sore with bruising across her abdomen from the seat belt. She was in the passenger seat next to my dad when we crashed and was hanging from her seatbelt and then fell on my dad when she unbuckled. My dad actually feels much better today than yesterday.

I know this sounds silly, but we’re so grateful to not have to cook any meals! My oldest son’s mind was blown when at dinner last night he was able to order two starters, two entrées and then two desserts😆

I may be adding more photos to this post of Mom & Dad and others in the family as I can get them:)”

July 14, 2019: KY3 News

KY3 News Report – Duttons Back in Branson

July 15, 2019, Facebook Update:

You can’t keep a Dutton down! Shows start back up tonight at 8pm, c’mon by for the fun!