Abigail is a talented musician and performer, whose preferred instruments are banjo and violin, although she has been known to turn her hand to just about anything if given the chance. In addition, she sings and does power tap in the show. She helps a ton with choreographing and blocking the show and is a great vocalist.

Abby’s husband Adam is a certified master fitness trainer and sports nutritionist (you can follow Adam on facebook – search for Wright Fitness and Nutrition!). Abby and Adam have four children: Grace, Seth, Orson, and Marcus. ​They take music lessons and love to be a part of the show. Like all of the Dutton grandkids, the kids are given assignments to help with the shows, from concessions to ushering to theater clean-up.

With her charming stage presence, Abby is the “glue” in the performances, but her contribution doesn’t stop when she walks off the stage. During the winter, Abby stays in Branson where she watches out for things at the Dutton Family Theater Complex while the rest of the Duttons are in Arizona. She also manages concessions and the gift shops, including Abby’s Tourist Trap.