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Who are The Duttons?2018-02-20T02:18:35-06:00

The Duttons are a family of musicians, singers and dancers that perform primarily in their theaters in Branson, Missouri and Mesa, Arizona.

How did The Duttons get started performing together?2018-02-20T02:11:18-06:00

It all started with cows.  No really.  Cows.  Mom Sheila had heard from some dear friends that the kids that seemed to know how to work the hardest as adults came from families that owned farms.  The discipline of having to get up every morning and milk the cows and work hard and together as a family appeared to develop children into smart, hard-working adults.  Her husband Dean, however, was a professor of economics so the farm idea was out.  So instead of milking cows, Sheila came up with the idea of music – more specifically violins.  She introduced her children to violin lessons through the Suzuki program when they were between the ages of three and five and would get them up early every morning to practice.  As the children grew older they expanded their horizons and love of music to other instruments.  Eventually, they talked their Dad into dusting off his old guitar and taught Mom her very first bass lesson at the age of 35.  The rest, as they say, is history.

When do The Duttons perform in Branson, Missouri?2018-02-19T23:45:36-06:00

The Duttons generally perform in Branson from the first week of April through the first week of December, with slight variations from year to year.  They also take a week off for vacation around the 4th of July every year.

When do The Duttons perform in their theater in Mesa, Arizona?2018-02-19T23:45:47-06:00

The Duttons generally perform in Mesa, Arizona from the second week of December through the First of April.  They generally take a week off at Christmas and the first two week of January off to prepare for the new year of performances.  For a detailed schedule, please visit www.theduttons.com/arizona

What do the Dutton spouses do? Are they in the show?2018-02-19T23:34:35-06:00

Only two of the Dutton spouses are currently in the show: Timothy’s wife Judith and Jonathan’s wife Bella.  Amy’s husband is a lawyer in Branson, and Abby’s husband is the manager of the Gym at the RecPlex.

What do The Duttons do for fun?2018-02-19T23:17:59-06:00

When we are not on stage, on tour, working on a new song, or just getting the day to day of owning a business done, we all have our favorite things to do.  Movies are high on the list.  We all love to travel, many of us are involved in Cross Fit, and we even occasionally find time to sleep.

How old are Mom and Dad Dutton (Sheila and Dean?)2022-06-21T16:55:28-05:00

Mom (Sheila) is 74 and Dad (Dean) 84.  They are both in excellent health and continue to perform in almost every show and participate fully in the business.

How do I book The Duttons at our event?2018-02-19T23:34:13-06:00

Please call our Branson location at 417-332-2772 and our operators will happily put you in touch with one of our booking agents to see where and when we can fit you into our schedule.  We love to do tour dates and will do our best to accommodate your schedule!

How can I see The Duttons in a venue nearer to me?2018-02-19T23:34:05-06:00

The Duttons tour rather extensively when they are not in Branson or Arizona.  (You can see their tour schedule HERE.)

If we are not touring anywhere near your area, please feel free to contact the venue nearest you, and suggest that they book us into your community.  Venue operators take the suggestions of their local community very seriously and your input is extremely valuable to them.

Are the Dutton grandchildren home schooled?2018-02-19T23:33:58-06:00

Short answer: No.

Longer Answer: We are all so involved in the business that there isn’t enough time to dedicate to running a home school, so the children attend public school while we are in Branson and then switch to Arizona public schools while we are out west.  Both school districts have been excellent to work with.

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