Dates: Saturday, May 29 and Monday, May 31

Time:  7:15 PM each evening before each Dutton Show

Location:  The Dutton Family Theater,  3454 W. 76 Country Blvd., Branson, MO.

The Duttons look forward once again to honoring our wonderful veterans on this Memorial Day weekend by presenting a special preshow before their regular performances on Saturday May 29 and Monday May 31. “One of the best things about performing is the many great people we get to meet. We have met so many amazing veterans over the years, many of whom have become lifelong friends,” says Amy Dutton, show director.

The color guard, Branson Veterans of America, chapter 913 will post the colors.  Branson Veterans of America 913 is under the direction of Bruce Greeno, Commander,  with two Captains, Ken Ranger and Jim Davis.  The national anthem will be sung by Timothy, Judith, and Amy Dutton.

“This year we will shine a spotlight on two wonderful World War II veterans, both who attended our show in the last month; 101-year-old Leslie L. Parker, who served as a tank commander in World War II, and 96-year-old Sgt. Harry C. Reed of the Army’s famed 3rd Armored Division,“ says Judith Dutton, theater manager.  “We will express gratitude to our father, grandfather, and great grandfather, Malcolm H. Porter, also a World War II veteran.”

“Portions of an interview with our dear friend, Arden Rowley of Mesa, Arizona, a POW in the Korean War, will be shown,” says Jonathan Dutton.  “That interview has affected thousands of people and blessed their lives.”

The Duttons will also honor the Army 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, 4th Division, (The Golden Dragons), Vietnam veterans who served under Staff Sergeant Larry Joe Powell of Brenham, Texas.  They are Rhea Rakes, Amarillo, TX; Dennis Summerfield, St. Louis, MO; Dennis Battles, Chino Valley, CA; and Dean Smith, Allen, NE.  “You will enjoy highlights of interviews at their most recent Branson military reunion,” says Abby Dutton.

Tickets to see The Duttons and this Special Memorial Day Preshow are available by calling The Dutton Family Theater at 417-332-2772 or visiting their website at