Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed

November 3, 2019 Branson, Missouri

The Dutton Family Theater is proud to announce “The Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed” is now open at the Dutton Family Theater.    

Taylor is a proven mainstay of the Branson entertainment industry, and has performed up and down the Branson strip for the past 15 seasons- most recently with his successful 4 year run at the Jim Stafford theater.  To accommodate the number of world-class illusions that Taylor brings to his performance, The Duttons added additional storage space behind their theater.

Says Sheila Dutton, “Taylor does an amazing job of making his own illusions disappear during his show, but we found that we also needed to make them disappear during our show!  So with the help of an amazing, almost magical, architect and contractor, we added the extra space that not only gives Taylor the room to do his amazing illusions, but it also gives all the shows in the Dutton Family Theater more flexibility with sets and effects.”

Taylor’s show has something for all ages: Great Music, Comedy, Magic , Audience Participation, Beautiful Dancers and Grand Illusions that you’ve never seen before! The thing people love the most is that EVERY KID BECOMES a part of the show.  Taylor has been honored with the title, “THE Illusionist for Families.” The audience is guaranteed an action-packed performance with more illusions than any other show you have seen. Over 30 illusions per show! WOW! A truly amazing feat for for Taylor and his lovely assistants.   

Come and see “The Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed” now open at the Dutton Family Theater, Branson

!  For tickets and more information call 417-332-2772.

About Taylor Reed:

Taylor Reed was born and raised in Lake Jackson Texas and started magic at the age of 4 years old.  Taylor lived and performed in Las Vegas for 15 years as well as performing in Countries all around the world before making Branson his home and is grateful to Merrill Osmond for bringing Taylor’s show to this amazing town.  Taylor has become best known for his television appearances on NBC’s hit series “America’s Got Talent” with some of his amazing original acts of Magic. To magicians world wide, Taylor is known as the INVENTOR of MAGIC. Some of the most famous magicians on the planet have paid Taylor for the rights to perform his original magic and illusions for their shows in Vegas and around the world. While in Branson, come see  “The Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed” at the DUTTON Family Theater. More magic for your money, guaranteed!

About The Duttons

The Duttons are a family of three generations of musical performers.  Committed to family-appropriate, quality entertainment, The Duttons are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in their musicianship as well as their businesses.  Besides the flagship business, The Dutton Family Theater, located in live music capital Branson, Missouri, The Duttons are the proud owners of several other successful businesses including The Dutton Inn and Abby’s Tourist Trap (“Your One-Stop Souvenir Shop”).  They also manage The Dutton Theater in Mesa, Arizona during the winter months, tour extensively with their music show and are featured on several national and international television specials. Their latest endeavor, “The Duttons Through the Years” is a weekly series on RFD-TV that covers the thirty year career of the family as well as featuring some of their latest recordings and music videos.  Whether on television or live on stage, The Duttons are the first choice for an evening of delightful entertainment.